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October Volunteers of the Month



This month's Volunteer of the Month is Emily Preble.

Emily is a parent volunteer in the Wellsboro PM classroom.  Over the course of the school year, and especially during the last week of January, Emily came in to volunteer for the whole day when the classroom was short staffed with the Classroom Aide, Family Advocate and Special Needs Aide out due to illness, funerals, etc.

The classroom dynamics of the afternoon class are challenging due to children with severe special needs. Each child requires one on one from an adult at all times, which would have made the function of the rest of the classroom difficult with no other staff available. Emily stepped up for two full days and was willing to come in for a third to be an extra pair of hands in the classroom. She’s excellent with the children, working with them during free play at different centers both on social situations as well as throwing a little bit of “academics” in there (what color is the cup?).

Emily is also great at interacting with all of the children. As soon as she entered the room and had her coat off she was directing children to wash hands and assisted with setting tables for lunch. She’s very familiar with the routine of the classroom and by the second day needed very little guidance on what was coming next. When one of the children with special needs showed an interest in spending time with her, Emily was more than willing to escort her to wash hands and transition to other areas. She asked questions at times to make sure she was following appropriate protocol and was very eager to learn different strategies.

Emily is very active in other classroom activities as well. She attends every Parent Activity Day and Parent Meetings. Emily has been a great help all year, and especially this last week. We don’t know what we’d have done without her!!

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