Bradford Tioga Head Start




  Social Studies
Animals, Animals
Body Cars
Body Parts
Classroom Quilt
Coffee Filter World
Color Changing Bottles
Color Squish Bags
Creating Rain Clouds
Dirty Day
Donuts with Daddy
Everyday Sounds
Experiment with Primary Colors
Fizz Inflator
Funnel Phone
Growing Popcorn Kernels
Heart Bingo
Hibernating Bears and Dens
Huffing Puffing Sink and Float
Ice Painting
Inside a Pumpkin
Ivory Soap Experiment
Knox Gelatin Lesson
Land, Sea or Air
Making a Lava Lamp
Making Fossils
Making Magic Ice
Making Volcanoes
Mixing Colors
Mouse Paint
Multicultural Stamps
Nature Diorama
Nocturnal Animals
Overhead Projector Mystery Games
Painting Seasons on Plastic
Photographed Shadow Shapes
Planting Seeds
Plants - Spring
Pumpkin Jack
Ramp Races
Shape Snowman
Small Group - Finger Prints
Small Group - Water Color Painting
Snow and Ice
Snow Globes
Sorting Nocturnal Animals
Straw and Loop Airplanes
Texas Snowflakes
The Wind Blew (Drumming Experience)
Thing-a-ma-Jig Machine
Tooth Experiment
Touch Smell
Valentine Pockets
Why Does it Rain