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Canton 1 Head Start Classroom Visits Community Helpers

In todayís world, there is nothing more important than for children to have a positive attitude about people in their neighborhood and community helpers. It is important to teach them to see police officers, firefighters, local farmers as people who work to make the community a safe, healthy, productive and friendly place. Children also need to know that because there are many different people, doing many different jobs, it is also important that they all work together to improve and maintain that community.

Children enrolled in the Canton 1 class of Bradford-Tioga Head Start, Inc. recently took a field trip to explore community helpers in the Canton area. Their first stop was to Sechrist Farms. There the children were able to interact with various farm animals including a donkey, calf, goats, and alpaca. They learned about how the animals are taken care of and what can be made from the Alpaca fur such as gloves and scarves. The children were also able to see the various types of produce that a farm may sell such as pumpkins, squash, corn, and tomatoes.

Their next stop was at Landon's Apple Orchard, where the children met up with many of their parents. During this visit, there was cider tasting and a tour of the greenhouses to see the plants available to purchase. Then, each child received a bag to walk down the rows of apple trees to pick apples. All of the apples were taken back to the classroom to be made into applesauce.

What an exciting day it was! The children learned about the care of farm animals and  about the produce that is grown on a farm. They got to investigate where many different apple products come from and learned about how apple trees grow. But more importantly, they got to see firsthand, all the people, the community helpers, that do the work to make the community a wonderful place to live! A HUGE thank you to Sechrist Farm and Landonís Apple Orchard. It is because of caring community helpers like you that the children of the Canton 1 classroom were able to explore a tiny bit of what Canton has to offer us all!

Photo Caption:       Children enrolled in the Canton 1 class of Bradford-Tioga Head Start, Inc. recently visited some Canton Community Helpers. They are Aurianna, Jordan, Haven, Malachi, Arianna, Jaxon, Evan, Ayden, Alayna, Mabel, Floyd, and Arabella.