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Do you know a three-year-old that doesnít like to play with sand? Children love the way it runs through their fingers or, if wet, can be used to build beautiful sand castles!

The Troy 1 and 2 classrooms of Bradford-Tioga Head Start, Inc. have been studying sand and itís many uses. Talking about the uses for sand lead them to a discussion about the people who use sand in their work. And that prompted the teachers to invite a visitor to talk to the children about his job and how he uses sand.

Gavin Snyder, a local landscaper, recently visited the Troy 1 and 2 classrooms to talk to the children about different types of sand materials he works with at his job. One type was a fine sand made of mostly crushed up rock from a quarry. This sand is used under landscape pavers to level the ground. Another type was the paver itself which is sand and cement mixed together. And the last type of sand was polymeric sand. This sand is mixed with water and placed in between pavers. When it dries, this sand is rock hard and holds the pavers together. Mr. Snyder passed around all three types and allowed the children to feel the different characteristics of each one. He also gave the children an opportunity to ask questions and to also spark their imaginations; dreaming of that next sand castle!

Photo Caption:       Children enrolled in the Troy 1 classroom of Bradford-Tioga Head Start, Inc. pose with Mr. Gavin Snyder. Mr. Snyder recently visited the Troy 1 and 2 classrooms to talk to the children about sand and how he uses it in his job.