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Bradford-Tioga Head Start, Inc. is committed to their Mission Statement, of “Our highly competent staff provide exceptional, educational opportunities and high quality, supportive services, which empower children and families to grow and thrive.”

In addition to education, the Head Start program is also diligent in providing information and training on good health and safety practices, at home and in the classroom through classroom activities, parent trainings, newsletters and informational fliers.  January is Bath Safety Awareness Month. Bath time can be fun for everyone, but we need to ensure bathroom safety and the supervision of children at all times.  To spread this awareness during the month of January, each child enrolled in Bradford-Tioga Head Start and Early Head Start will receive a rubber ducky with the Bradford-Tioga Head Start, Inc. logo to remind children and parents of the importance of safety in the bathroom. 

Some very important Bath Safety Tips are to make the bathroom off limits unless the child is accompanied by an adult. This could mean installing a latch on the door that is at adult height and also one that can be unlocked from the outside – just in case the child gets locked in.

Another recommendation is to make sure that the water heater thermostat isn’t set any higher than 120 degrees. Adults should always check the temperature of the water before the child gets in the bathtub.

The installation of slip resistant mats or appliques in both your bathtub and shower will help to prevent injuries. Parents and caregivers should also put a cushioned cover over the tub’s water faucet to prevent the child from being hurt if they bump their head against it.

And finally, be sure to ask these few questions before putting a child in the bathtub:

  • Is my bathtub free from potential hazards like soaps, shampoos, razors….?

  • Are all of my electrical appliances put away and out of the reach of water?

  • Do outlets have plug covers and circuit interrupters?

  • Are there any other areas that pose a threat such as slippery areas or cleaning supplies?