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Wellsboro Head Start Children Learn to Stop, Drop, Cover your Face and Roll

The Wellsboro classroom of Bradford Tioga Head Start celebrated Fire Prevention week from October 9 – 15. At this time of year, it is extremely important to teach about fire safety and how important it is to trust firefighters.

The Wellsboro Fire Department has been instrumental in helping get this point across to the youngsters. The children were first introduced to Firefighter Dan in his regular, every day clothes. Then they watched as he put on one piece of his gear at a time. “We kept reassuring the children that it is still firefighter Dan”, stated Wellsboro teacher Kelly Shaffer. “This reassurance is especially important when he puts his face mask and oxygen tank on because to some kiddos, he may look or sound scary”.

But the teachers and classroom staff don’t just stop there! They make a point of talking about firefighters and their gear throughout the year because they want the children to know what to do and who will help, if there is a fire in their house. In addition, the children practice “Stop, Drop, Cover Your Face, and Roll” so they know what they can do to help themselves if their clothes were to catch on fire. “Crawl Low Under Smoke” (with your head held up) is another technique the children learn that will help them get to fresh air if there is smoke in their house.

This year, the National Fire Protection Association’s motto is “Don’t Wait! Check the date!”. They recommend that you replace your smoke alarms every ten years. To determine the date of your smoke alarm, look at the manufacture date on the back of the alarm. If it is over ten years old, it should be replaced.


Photo Caption:       Wellsboro Head Start Staff and children pose with members of the Wellsboro Fire Department after learning fire safety.