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Troy 2 Head Start Learns About Post Office Community Helpers

As a part of the curriculum every year, Bradford Tioga Head Start classes take time to teach the children about community helpers. Teachers and classroom staff explain to the children about the people that make a town a community and the jobs they do.

So what makes someone a community helper? Well, a community helper is a person who helps us in our neighborhoods – people that provide a service for us. Community helpers can be anyone from a postal carrier to the librarian, the mayor to a police officer. The services they provide can be everything from caring for someone who is sick to making sure that the roads are safe.

Recently, the children of the Troy 2 class spent some time talking about the post office and postal workers. They learned that the post office is a vital part of the American economy and that residents and businesses depend on the U.S. Postal Service to deliver everything from postcards and invitations to bills and packages. As an exciting part of this learning process, the Troy 2 class took a walking field trip to the local post office. They got a tour of the facility. The students learned about buying stamps, saw where the mail goes when it is put in a mailbox, how it is sorted and then loaded onto trucks for delivery.

After the tour, the children were given an opportunity to each purchase stamps. The stamps were then placed on the homemade Valentine’s Day cards they had made to send to their families. What a perfect time of year to learn how people receive mail and to see first-hand the importance of community helpers and the jobs they perform!