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Hand Washing is Important

Bradford Tioga Head Start, Inc. loves to teach children how to share with each other.  Unfortunately, one of the things they share too well is germs!  Lots and lots of germs.  Germs are all around us and children cannot see them, so often times they have a hard time understanding how germs work. 

Children are kinesthetic learners, which really means they learn through touching.  It is our job to help children understand about those invisible things called germs.  Staff at BTHS, Inc. do a great job doing teaching children about germs.  Staff build hand washing right into the children’s daily schedule.  This way it becomes a routine and just begin doing it on their own (i.e. before and after mealtime, after toileting, after blowing nose, etc.).  Staff also teach children the proper techniques of hand washing.  These methods help to ensure they are getting rid of all of those germs on their hands.

Throughout the year, staff develop lessons to show children how fast germs spread, often times by putting glitter/lotion on their hands and then walking