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Bradford-Tioga Head Start, Inc. Children Make Learning Pop

Learning can be difficult. New concepts and ideas can be confusing for children. So, when teachers get the chance to get things popping, they take it!

Recently, just before their upcoming Activity Day, Bradford-Tioga Head Start, Inc.’s East Smithfield teacher, Teresa Adams brought in a hot air popcorn popper and popcorn kernels. “We talked about what the popcorn kernels were and where they came from. We talked about how the popcorn machine works, and the children predicted what would happen”, said Teresa. “But when I put in the kernels and plugged in the popper, that’s when the real fun began! The children loved hearing the sound of the popcorn popping and watched in amazement as it began spilling over the bowl.”

Every child had a small cupful of the tasty treat and everyone had seconds! All while making learning fun! And proving once again that when an idea “pops” into your head, you not only make it fun, you make it tasty too!

Photo Caption:        

Bradford-Tioga Head Start, Inc. East Smithfield teacher Teresa Adams fulfills a promised reward to the class children by providing them with popcorn as well as so much fun!