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October Head Start Highlight




Canton 2

 Nichole Ambruch – Teacher

Nina Sakers – Teacher Aide

Pam Thoren – Classroom Aide

Loree Finogle – Family Advocate

Sandy Button (Substitute Teacher)

Grandma Rosanna (Foster Grandparent)

 The staff at Canton 2 have a “Can do attitude.” They are a very supportive and positive team.  They have established positive working relationship with school district staff and have created a bright, educational classroom with a respectful community of learners.  The team worked together to insure that there is a nurturing, positive, fun and educational environment for children.

PBIS is a strong component in the Canton 2 classroom, the children are supporting each other and encouraging behaviors to obtain their stars and Head Start Hero recognition.  The staff share ideas and supporting materials to enhance the children’s experiences.  Items from nature were brought in by Nina (TA) to add to the sand table for identification and exploration.  Sandy (T) and Nina (TA) take turns conducting the classroom and are consistent with rules and expectations so the children know the routine and respect each other and their classroom supplies.

Staff also have some recent achievements!  Nina is working towards her CDA. Nichole had a beautiful baby girl in September and Pam (CA) recently moved into her current role after completing Lunch Aide duties for a few years.

The staff did a wonderful job transitioning to a new classroom environment, schedule and curriculum.  They face challenges with a positive, can-do attitude.  The Superintendent has been to the classroom to visit.  Everyone from the Canton School District has been positive and supportive