Bradford Tioga Head Start














October Head Start Highlight



Canton 1

Jena Miller – Teacher

Megumi (Meg) Larson – Teacher Aide

Adelia (Dee) Reed – Classroom Aide

Loree Finogle – Family Advocate

Kristin Seeley – LA/Janitor

Vera Reed – Foster Grandparent


The Canton 1 group is the greatest example of a true team. Everyone is each other’s support system.  Everyone is involved in planning and carrying out what is necessary to keep the show running. They all rely on each other.

Jen brings to the team her creativity in planning activities, fantastic organizational skills and calm mannerism. She is the rock in the storm!  Meg is a positive thinker, with her “we can do this” attitude. Meg has seen a lot of changes in Head Start over the years, and always jumps right in when a new way of doing things occurs.

Dee also has seen a lot of change over her many years of experience in Head Start. She is a very dependable and reliable worker!

Then there is fast moving Loree, busy, busy, being pulled in ten different directions between parents, staff, children, etc., but she remains smiling through it all!

Grandma Vera has the warmest lap in town, because it is always filled with one or more children!

The newest addition to the team is Kristin, who came to Canton 1 with past experience in our program as a Family Advocate. Kristin is a person with a lot of initiative and is very focused on doing the job right!  These co-workers have welcomed Kristin with open arms!

What stands out most about this entire group is how much they truly care about the children and families they work with and each other. You hear a lot of laughter between them when they have that rare down time with no children and they can all get together, discussing something funny a child may have said or done that day, but you also see the sadness in their eyes and concern in their voices when talking about the needs of a family or child. 

A visitor came to the classroom recently. A praying mantis showed up in the Family Advocate/Family Partner office. Would this group of people just let it go? No! He spent the night so that he could visit the children the next day. The kids named him “Jon Jon” and

took him on the nature walk with them, before letting him go. They all said goodbye to Jon Jon and watched through binoculars as he made his way up the tree to his new home. After the nature walk, the children used the items they collected to make name collages.

The classroom has welcomed a new pet Guinea Pig to their classroom. The staff say that it has become a sounding board for some of the children. They’ve seen children standing at the cage holding long conversations with Marshall. So Marshall is not only increasing children’s literacy skills but may also be doing some mental health counseling on the side. Who knew?

Canton’s recent parent activity day included making applesauce with the parents and painting with apples. Fun was had by all!