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November Head Start Highlight



Blossburg Center


The following employees work at the Blossburg Center. From left to right they are:

Sara Matczak – Teacher Aide, Christina Olson – Lunch Aide, Brandy Massey – Family Advocate, Erica Beck – Classroom Aide, Foster Grandparent - Sharon and Mary Wickman – Teacher

Blossburg is a dedicated, hardworking team for their children and families.  Mary and Brandy are always out in the community making the program known and finding resources.  Brandy received a donation of pumpkins which she shared with other centers.  The children explored and helped to process the pumpkins so they could be cooked down and used to bake with.

The Blossburg team works well to support each other’s roles and strives to provide the best care and education to the children every day.

The Blossburg center has the highest parent turnout so far this year.  At their last parent activity day, the parents built a family tree and added pictures. 

The class has a pet bunny named Peanut which the children play an active role in caring for every day.

Blossburg Center has been busy with field trips and guests such as a trip to an apple orchard where they took a tour and picked apples.  They have also walked to the Fire Department for a tour and Smokey the Bear paid a visit to the classroom!

Sara and Erica continue to work through the several levels required to acquire their CDA by the Spring of 2017.

Supervisor, Joyce Fleming, also wanted to share some rhymes that the children created as a group. She says they have really embraced this concept and you can hear it throughout their daily play. This group activity was called “Rhyme Time”

We are going for a walk so we can talk, about going to the park to hear the dog bark.

We will put on a ring, and the kids can swing on the swing.

We will all climb the ladder to see what is the matter.

Next we are off to the beach to find us a peach.

We will learn to ballet dance on our tippy toes by chance.

Now our walk is done, we had lots of fun!