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March Head Start Highlight



Elkland 1 and 2 Centers


Elkland 1 Staff: 

Olivia Johnson – Teacher

Nicki Watson  – Teacher Aide

Patricia Gleason – Classroom Aide/Bus Monitor

Bobby Jo Gontarz – Family Advocate

Marjorie Lockwood – Lunch AIde

Grace Smith – Bus Driver

Elkland 1 Staff: 

Kristin Rider – Teacher

Jen Munyon  – Teacher Aide

Kylie Schoonover – Classroom Aide/Bus Monitor

Bobby Jo Gontarz – Family Advocate

Marjorie Lockwood – Lunch Aide

Grace Smith – Bus Driver


Since Elkland 1 & 2 staff work out of the same location, they chose to have their classrooms highlighted all together!  Just another example of great teamwork! 

List some positive statements about the center. 

Elkland 1 & 2 are definite team players.  They have welcomed Olivia and Kristin as their new Teachers and helped to orient them to the Head Start program.   They continue to work together to create a bright learning environment that fits their children’s needs.  Staff are always willing to support each other by filling in when needed no matter what the position; adversities are faced with a smile and quick resolve.  Our bus driver Grace put on her chef’s hat to help with lunches when Marjie was out!

Bobby Jo is the “spokesperson” for the Elkland classrooms…she relays messages, maintenance concerns, bus related issues etc. to the appropriate person at Central Office.  Her willingness to take on these additional responsibilities is greatly appreciated.

Grace has been an employee of HS for over 30 years, she enjoys seeing the children and families each day and she gets them to/from HS safely. 

What activities have been happening in the classroom?  How have those activities helped to make the team stronger or more cohesive? 

Olivia has reached out into the community to support her lessons and experiences for the children.  They recently had the Cavity Free Kid program visit the classroom and will be collaborating with 4H to host the embryology program in April.  This will be incorporated into the children’s daily routine and adding the job of “Farmer” who will report on the hatching process.

The children were also invited to the Elementary school for a Kindergarten visit and to eat lunch in the BIG cafeteria Elkland is fortunate to have a newly designed cafeteria for breakfast and lunch.  The children leave their classroom to go to the cafeteria for meals.  Ms. Marjie appreciates the shiny floors and new appliances.  She truly deserves it for all of her hard work and dedication to the Head Start program.

Have any staff accomplished a noteworthy goal or met any educational milestones? 

Ms. Kristin achieved her Level 1 certification in the fall.

Olivia and Kristin will be attending a 2-day training for first time supervisors.

Share any additional information that you would like included.

Flexibility is a word that Supervisor, Joyce Fleming, thinks of about Elkland.  She says, “They are located in an older building that often poses challenges.  We are so thankful for Mr. Frank who pops in early in the morning to complete repairs without interrupting our schedules.”

Great teamwork and planning Elkland 1 & 2.  Keep up the good work!