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January Head Start Highlight



Athens 3 Center


The following staff work at the Athens 3 Center:  From left to right they are:

Family Advocate – Mickey Morgan, Teacher – Casey Williams, Temporary Classroom Aide – Nick Hunsicker, Classroom Aide/Temporary Teacher Aide – Patti Newcomb

Athens 3 staff are flexible and creative in the classroom.  Supervisor, Tina Wolbert, admires their positive attitude and its influence on the children.  In the Classroom, staff have been inviting family members in that sew, knit and crochet.

Below, Tina has shared some “fun facts” about the Athens 3 staff:


Favorite Movie - It’s a Wonderful Life

Favorite Food - French Fries

Favorite Color - Pink

Life Moment - The birth of my daughter Hannah

Favorite destination - Hawaii


Favorite Movie - Sweet Home Alabama
Favorite Food - French Fries
Favorite Color - Purple
Life Moment - having my children
Favorite destination - Alaska


Favorite Movie - Ace Ventura Pet Detective
Favorite Food - French Fries
Favorite Color - Orange
Life Moment - First Flyers Game
Favorite destination - Wells Fargo Center for more Flyers games
Noteworthy goal - I've met the goal of keeping close with friends.


Favorite Movie - Sleeping Beauty (it was the very first movie I saw in the movie theater)

Favorite Food - Chicken Bruschetta

Favorite Color - Pink

Life Moment - Getting married to my High School sweet heart and when our girls were born

Place you want to visit someday –Would love to go to Egypt (to see Cleopatra’s Tomb)

Have you accomplished a noteworthy goal or met any educational milestones? - Not yet still reaching for the stars!