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December Head Start Highlight



Rome Center

The following staff work in Rome Center:

Traci Leiser – Teacher, Hope Casselbury – AM Teacher Aide, Kara Welliver – PM Teacher Aide, Alyssa Hicks – AM Classroom Aide/Bus Monitor, Vicki Canfield – PM Classroom Aide/Bus Monitor, Stacy Jo Lee – Lunch Aide/Janitor, Nancy Souder – Family Advocate, Faith and Fred Towner – Contracted Drivers

Supervisor, Phyllis Marriner, says Rome staff are supportive of each other, both personally and professionally.  She says it would be hard to tell who is an “AM staff” and who is a “PM staff” because they look at themselves as one team.  They are all ready to step in whenever and wherever help is needed. They relate to and learn from each other and laugh at their differences.

The children benefit from the examples set by staff.  They are learning to treat others with respect and compassion and how to forgive.  Many times the staff leave notes, candy, or a trinket for each other just to let each know they are appreciated. They also like to have fun together, both at work and outside of work.  In the rare down time you may see them exercising together or just sharing a hearty laugh, and FOOD, they all love food! They enjoy conversation about work and personal stories. Most of all, whether it be at work or outside or work, these gals know how to have fun, de-stress and provide a great example and learning environment for children!

The children have been enjoying the clothing study. There is a shoe store in the dramatic play area and community helper and cultural clothing that is being explored!  Buttons have showed up in the math area for counting and fun items like cotton balls and bears to dress in the sensory tables.

Rome center has been part of the Towanda School District Keystone to Opportunity Grant for the past 5 years. Some of the staff have been completing online trainings required by this grant. They have been a great support to each other to accomplish these trainings.

Congrats to all centers for your teamwork and dedication to BTHS, Inc. Thanks for creating a positive learning environment for the children and each other!