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April Head Start Highlight


Pictured above, L-R, Back row:  Jen Ingrassia, Deb Hickok, Bernie Decker, Ashley Wesneski, Val Simpson  Middle: Jennifer Wolf  Front row:  Chrissy Watson, Brandy Oslager, Tami Hunsicker


Troy 1 Staff:

Ashley Wesneski – Teacher

Chrissy Watson – Teacher Aide

Brandy Oslager – Classroom Aide/Bus Monitor

Deb Hickok – Family Advocate

Berni Hornung - Family Partner

Jennifer Igrassia – Lunch Aide (both centers)


Troy 2 Staff:

Valerie Simpson – Teacher

Tami Hunsicker – Teacher Aide

Bernie Decker – Classroom Aide

Jennifer Wolf – Family Advocate

Jennifer Igrassia – Lunch Aide (both centers)


Based on the above listing of staff, you can see that the Troy location has some new faces! Troy 1 Teacher, Ashley, has a Master’s in Early Childhood and Special Education and has several years of experience working with kindergarteners.  Although this is her first year teaching at Head Start, she is no stranger to our program.  Ashley was a former Canton parent. Teacher Aide, Chrissy Watson, has a wealth of experience being the director of Arms Wide Open Daycare for several years as well as having a Bachelor’s Degree. Valerie Simpson was previously a Teacher Aide in Troy 1 and is now the Teacher in Troy 2.  Val has many years of experience as a kindergarten teacher and also has a Master’s Degree and Level II Certificate in ECE. Bernie Decker is the Classroom Aide and a former parent from Troy 1 and Troy 2.  

We also have the wonderful Foster Grandparents, Gramma Jo and Ellie, fantastic family Advocates

– Deb Hickok and Jen Wolf, terrific Teacher Aide – Tami Hunsicker, caring Classroom Aide/Bus Monitor  – Brandy Oslager, fun Family Partner – Bernie Hornung (Welcome Back, Bernie!) and Jen Ingrassia- our awesome Lunch Aide ( I heard she makes her own mozzarella cheese!!)

Here are some interesting things about each of the Troy team members: 

Valerie Simpson:   Book:  Pride and Prejudice, Food:  Fresh cut fries with malt vinegar, Educational milestone:  Reinstated my Level II teaching certificate after 16 years, Destination:  My husband and I would like to travel to Italy for our 25th anniversary, Things to do:  Sleep, read on the beach, spend time with family, Life Moment:  Sitting on the edge of an active volcano

Gramma Jo: Movie:  Blue Hawaii (Elvis) or Beaches, Color:  Purple and Yellow, Food:  Ham or “Italians” (Maine specialty similar to subs, but without the lettuce), Life Moment:  When my grandchildren and great grandchildren were born and I was there, Destination:  Maine with family, hope to get to Ireland someday.

Grandma Ellie: Movie:  An American in Paris, Food:  Steak, Color:  Blue, Life Moment:  Birth of children, Visit:  Relatives in New Jersey, Noteworthy goal:  Having wonderful kids.

Jen Wolf: Movie: Bette Davis or Joan Crawford classics, Food: Delmonico steak - rare, Color: Teal, Life Moment: Too many to pick, life is full of wonderful moments, Destination: Oregon, Educational milestones: Graduated from Pastor’s School

Chrissy Watson: Movie: Harry Potter, Food: Smoothies, Color: Purple, Life Moment: Birth of children, Destination: Disney Land, Educational milestones:  Graduated College with BH degree.

Ashley Wesneski: Movie: Taken, Frozen, Food: Pizza, Color: Pink, Life Moment: Birth of children & marriage to best friend, Destination:  Disney Land & Niagara Falls, Educational milestones:   Master’s Degree in Education & Special Education. Career – Head Start Teacher helping students get a head start to Kindergarten

Tami Hunsicker: Movie:  Pretty Woman, Food:  French Fries, Color:  Blue, Life Moment:  When my kids were born, Destination:  Jamaica, which I will fulfill in April, next will be Ireland, Education Milestone: Working toward BA

Bernie Decker: Movie:  Tedd, Food:  Filet Mignon, Color:  Purple, Life Moment:  Adoption of my kids/ birth of my son, Destination:  I want to visit Hawaii, Accomplishment:  My new position at Head Start

Deb Hikock: Movie: Sound of Music/ Wizard of Oz/ Young Frankenstein, Food: Easter Dinner-All of it!, Color: Yellow, Life Moment: birth of babies,       Destination:  Europe - All of it, Noteworthy goal:  met 25th anniversary of Family Advocate for Troy Head Start!, Life Moment:  Overcoming fears to succeed

Thanks for sharing some things about yourselves, Troy 1 & 2!  Your hard work and dedication to BTHS, Inc. is recognized and appreciated!